Monday, March 2, 2009

My bad.... more contour work and beginning of portraits and profiles

Sorry for the disgracefully long hiatus between posts. I kinda fell off the map for a couple of weeks. I only have 3 things to post today, but there will be MUCH more in the next week or so. I have 5 more profile portraits to do like the one I'm putting up today. Much of recent work has been very technical, so I'm sparing you. Lots of 'draw this chair' or 'draw this ladder'. It serves a good purpose but isn't terribly interesting. Last week's project was to find one object and draw it from two different angles. Only countours are allowed, no detail and no shading of any sort. One was to be a positive shape (black on white) and the other negative (White on black). I chose an A frame mandolin. Here's the best photo I could get of the result:

Straight on front view, negative image. I do wish I'd chosen a more interesting position for this one.


Side view, positive image. This one is considerably better than its predecessor. The accuracy of the tuning pegs pleased me to no end. (Although the charcoal gave me fits and ended up needing the assistance of some white paint to atone for its sins.


Close up of tuning pegs and head (Sorry, I turned it in before I realized I hadn't gotten a good detail shot)

mando1close up

And finally, the portrait work begins. And I must admit that being put on the spot to render the likeness of my comrades and competition is THE MOST terrifying experience I have in art. It caused me MANY tears the first time I tried my hand at a drawing class. I loathe, abhor, and detest it. If I can find them I'll post my first attempts at it, from years ago--epic choke. ANYWAY- I do believe I've made some progress. We were given 45 minutes to sketch a profile with strict instructions not to 'over-describe' the subject. Without further excuses, here it is:

Profile portrait

More posts within the week. Promise.

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  1. The landscape of the Mandolin is actually a complete picture, I'm not sure why it got cut off. I think you can double click on it and see the whole thiing on my flickr account.