Thursday, February 5, 2009


As an 'aspiring artist', I'm going to have to get used to people seeing my work, critique, and probably some hate mail if we're being honest. I've created this spot to showcase my progress and to begin exposing work to the public. All feedback is welcome.

To begin, I'm not working to become an artist because I have some innate talent that just can't be denied. I've got two reasons- 1- It's the only thing I can stomach the thought of doing so I'm willing to work hard at it to avoid the, alternatives, and 2- I suck at everything else so I'm going to have to be good at this. I am currently taking "Drawing 1". I took it in 2005 (with ZERO experience before this) and HATED it, I got a good grade but didn't feel like I saw any improvement or learned anything, so I signed up to take it again. My teacher is wonderful, and I believe I've seen great progress in the short time I've been in the class.

My goal is to improve my drawing skills and gain an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio, eventually becoming a tattoo artist and pursuing my personal artistic goals as well. I am also hoping to someday do an entire mixed media exhibition on the Dust Bowl. All of this is quite premature, and I'm quite insecure, and if I talk any longer I'm going to lose my nerve, so I suppose I should get on to the photos...

Preliminary Assignment/Initial SKill Assesment: Self portrait in 30 min

It looks nothing like me, not good!

Prelim Portrait

Preliminary Assignment/ Inittial skil assessment:

Draw your non dominant hand 30 min

Better than the face

Prelim Hand Sketch

Assignment: Draw your hand in an 'interesting' pose

Contour w/ shading

1st Hand

Assignment: Draw your hand holding an object

Contour w/shading

Better effort! Although I see a million things I'd do better, some of the details are a very encouraging sign of progress100_0789

Close up:


Assignment: Draw a flower

Contour lines w/shading

I got frustrated with this, and in the process it cot completely overworked. I'm tempted to do it again and improve it, but I have 12 more drawings due by sat. (I'm slow!)


Well, that concludes my first time letting people see what I can and can't do! Anyone with tips on photographing my drawings - I implore you to share, as these photos don't really show the sdetail I was hoping for.